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Valencia looked strong as a team after they sorted out the "beggining of season kinks" Saturday at Villa Park. They started off slow, however they pulled together as a team and came out on the winning side with a scoreline of 5-4. Forlan scored two, Solomon Kalou was unbelievable at crossing, and finished with three assists and captain, Glberto Silva, scored the winner in the 88 minute from the spot. Gilberto Silva talked to us after the game, "We play as a team, we'll win as a team, that's all it takes." I guess everyone will see if thats all it takes next week as well.

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(4) Aston Villa v.s Valencia (5)

(-) Liverpool v.s Valencia (-)

(-) FC Porto v.s Valencia (-)

(-) Lyon v.s Valencia (-)

(-) Valencia v.s Everton (-)








Post Game Report

Aston Villa v.s Valencia

Valencia put on a great show at Villa Park Saturday. After going down 3-0 to a assumingly stronger Aston Villa side just 25 minutes in, the Valencia offence AND defensive decided that they would start playing. Kalou, Forlan and Yakubu lead the Valencia attack, while the Mexican born, Salcido held the back end strong for a 5-4 victory. Valencia winger, Solomon Kalou commented after the match, "All we needed to do was play as a team, once we figured that out everything else seemed to fall into place perfectly." This Valencia side will be looking for a simillar performance next week, only they will also try to play the whole game, not just 65 minutes.

Liverpool v.s Valencia

To Liverpool the game was a complete joke. That bad, nothing to comment on. Go back to youth soccer Valencia.









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