Gameweek 1 &2

As "The Champs League 2" is rearing up to go, here at The Pundit were going to give you all the pre-season juice about the offensive stars on the lookout. All of them are ready in every aspect to lead their clubs to early climbs up the table. 



Franck Ribery is a truly gifted and extremly underrated player. At the prime of his career he's able to lead whatever team he is on, whether its club or international, to victory through his leadership, skill, determination and heart. Franck Ribery is one of those players who will never give up, one who can't accept getting beaten but also is willing to beat someone himself. He understands his offensive duties better than any striker but he can do his defensive responsibilities just as well as any defender. Franck Ribery is an obvious choice for your Fantasy Team, you will just have to decide if he is really worth his value







The Dutchman, Ruud Van Nistelrooy, and Brazilian, Amauri, individually are incredibly effective in their attaking abilities, but now by some twist of fate, they have found themselves playing on the SAME team. Van Nistelrooy. Amauri. SAME TEAM? That's exactly how us here at The Pundit thought, these two superstarts of the modern football world on the same team!? NO WAY. These two each bring a different attacking style to Everton, which tells defenders on other teams, "try and defend me, you have NO idea what were going to put together next." Ruud has phenominal composure when shoot, passing and creating opportunities, while Amauri brings the speed and physical aspect to the team. All I can say to you when your considering your Fantasy Team is ... WHY WOULDN'T YOU PICK THEM?






This kid can score. That's what you'll hear from everybody you talk to about Andrey Arshavin. He knows the perfect time to dribble, exactly when to pass, and when to unleash that killer strike of his. Arshavin started his career in his hometown of Russia at Zenit St. Petersburg, then was transfered to Arsenal in 2009 where he became more well-known, now he is currently hoping to make an impact striking at Aston Villa. After turing 27, he is finally becoming one of those go-to guys on whichever club he plays for. make sure when picking your fantasy team you pick Andrey Arshavin, it'll be worth it!


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