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Real Madrid can't come up with a win as they pack their bags to head back to Spain for their next fixture. Playing away to Boca they just couldn't finish. Benzema commented, "I don't know what it was but me, and the rest of the team, couldn't find a way to put the ball in the back of the Argentinian net. I wish I could just blame it on the fact that the supporters for Boca were so loud that I couldn't even think, but as a professional soccer player, there's no such thing as excuses." Next week Real Madrid is home to Lyon, I'm sure that Real supporters will be attending and cheering like maniacs to help their club reach the top of this league.

We hid secret camara's in the Real Madrid locker room, and this was the after game "pep talk" by Real manager Juande Ramos, "Brilliant, just brilliant, you guys played so well! So well that if you went 1 v 1 with a toddler, groen up in a family of ******* hockey players! What was that out there? It was a disgrace, that's what it was. Benzema, what were you thinking about, nailing another dude after the game or something? And Agger, did you bake cookies before the game? Cause you tackled like a girl! Bentley, were you ******* high? Look, if any of you want a chance at any success in your entire lives, show it on the pitch. After today I think you should be playing at a ******* younth acedemy." Due to a contract, stating the words we are allowed to use internationally, there was parts that were not able to be passed on in this great "pep talk." Hopefully the Real Madrid squad gets it and shows up next week, we hope not to have to hear another one of these terrible rants.









(2) Boca Juniors v.s Real Madrid (1)

(1) Real Madrid v.s Lyon (2)

(-) Real Madrid v.s Liverpool (-)

(-) Real Madrid v.s Everton (-)

                                                 (-) Aston Villa v.s Real Madrid (-)







Post Game Report

Boca Juniors v.s Real Madrid

Real Madrid drop their opening game of the season to Boca Juniors, who did less but came out on top. Real Madrid scored early and did everything they could to win but Boca was just able to squeak out with a win. Real was the winners of possesion, shots, tackles, the only thing they didn't win was the end result. Goalkeeper, Gregory Coupet said after the game, "We dominated, but we lost. They capitalized on their chance and, well... we didn't. Plain and simple." Defoe, the goal scorer, added, "Next time, we MUST finish the ball."

Real Madrid v.s Lyon

Wow, Real Madrid take their second loss in as many games, with an embarring game to the French side, Lyon. Real Madrid was extremly fortunate at the beggining of the game because in the 9' minute, Lyon lone striker Roque Santa Cruz, gets his second yellow and hits the showers early. Then in the 14' minute bad defending from the Lyon ful backs gives defender Garay a chance from the spot. He makes no mistake, but I wish I could say the same for the rest of the game. At half time Real Madrid had 17 shots, 10 on target while Lyon had NO shot at all. However the score was still only 1-0. Then in the second half the same thing, Lyon has minimal shots, while Real is pounding them towards Abbondanzieri. By the end of the game, Real Madrid had 31 shots and 15 on target. Lyon had 9 shots, 4 on target and the final score was 2-1 for Lyon.












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