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Lyon defender, Dossena, got himself into trouble getting a red card in Lyon's 2-2 tie with English side, Everton. Dossena recieved his red in the 54 minute when the Brazilian, Amauri was released on a clear break away, and Dossena came from behind and took his legs out from under him. Some supporters think that it was need, while some don't. Some believe that Amauri would have missed becuase of the game he was having, just a game that he couldn't seem to create anything. However others thought that Dossena made a good desicion, becuase had he not made it Lyon would have found themselves tied even earlier. Either way, what we do know is that Dossena will not be available next week when Lyon heads to Spain to face Real Madrid.

Did they even end up needing Roque Santa Cruz, after his unneeded second yellow card in the 9' minute of play? It turned out that they were fine, still able to win in Spain agaisnt Real Madrid, but certanly the outcome could have been higher if Santa Cruz was not sent off. All Santa Cruz had to say was this, "I was just trying to set the tone early, you know, start with a bang, only it didn't turn out so well, as everybody could see."








(2) Everton v.s Lyon (2)

(1) Real Madrid v.s Lyon (2)

(-) Lyon v.s Boca Juniors (-)

(-) Lyon v.s Valencia (-)

(-) Lyon v.s FC Porto (-)








Post Game Report

Everton v.s Lyon

Lyon went to England for their fixture agaisnt Everton Sunday, where they looked to have the game wrapped up and sealed to go, until they blew it in the 90 + 2, when substitute striker for Everton, Afonso Alves scored. Lyon was left wondering what happended, and wishing they could have taken a mulligan, or even just pretend it never happened. Some people believe that it was defender, Dossena's fault because of his needed red card in the 54 minute. However others do not blame him and believe that the team couldn't pull together for a FULL match, to secure the win.

Real Madrid v.s Lyon

Lyon get the win Tuesday agaisnt Real Madrid thanks to an unbelievable defencive effort, and NO thanks to striker, Santa Cruz, as he was red carded in the 9' minute. His second yellow card of the game came to no suprise as he was way to agressive, connecting at least four greasy tackles within that first 9' minutes. After that in the first half all Lyon could do was defend, and defending is what that did. Cris, Diaz and Abbondanzieri kept Lyon in it the entire game not letting in anything other than that penalty shot. The offence stepped it up a bit in the second half as well, they at least attempted 9 this time, 4 hit the net and 2 of those went in the back. One from Ambrosini and the other was scored in the 89' minute. The last goal completly crushed any confidence Real Madrid had left to score, therefore giving Lyon the 2-1 victory.




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