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Rafael Benitez storms off from press confrence after being asked the simple question, what happened? Well, what really did happen, no one really knows. The highly favoured Liverpool side was expected to dance all over FC Porto Sunday, but it was the exact opposite. FC Porto was laughing the entire game, outplaying the Liverpool side in almost every aspect of the pitch. Liverpool has to figure it out in little time, because they play a Valencia side who were suprise winners agaisnt Aston Villa, score 5 unanswered goals.

WOW, Liverpool came out swinging Friday, destoying Valencia 8-0, with everyone on the squad contributing to the victory. "Great." Spectacular." Unbelievable." Sick." "Utter Annihilation." Too good to be true." Perfect." These were only half of the remarks said after the game from the Liverpool players. The match today was twenty times better than last weeks fixture, and Liverpool will hope to continue the domination.










(1) FC Porto v.s Liverpool (0)

(8) Liverpool v.s Valencia (0)

(-) Real Madrid v.s Real Madrid (-)

(-) Liverpool v.s Aston Villa (-)

(-) Boca Juniors v.s Liverpool (-)






Post Game Report

FC Porto v.s Liverpool

Liverpool's opener was an extreme disapointment, as they get blanked by FC Porto 1-0. Liverpool seemed slugish, their offence just wouldn't work, it was basically invisible, while FC Porto was alive and ready. Liverpool manager Rafael Benitez was asked after the game what happened. His response, "Get out of my face." He stromed from the press room, some reporters supposedly saw steam comming from his ears but no one was really sure. From his actions, anyone could tell this was not the result Liverpool was expecting, but this cold be a good thing, giving them the reality check they needed, now they can go into next game with something to prove.

Liverpool v.s Valencia

UTTER ANNIHILATION Friday when Liverpool hosted Valencia at Anfield. The final, 8-0 for Liverpool, with four goals from Obafemi Martins, two from Huntalaar, and one each form Aimar and Cassano. The goals weren't the only thing that came either, all but one goal was set up by another teammate, four of those came from Huntalaar. Benetiz's comment after this game was very different than last, "We sorted a few things ou in practice, realized that there is something called finishing and look what came from it. Much better." Lets just say they proved that they're good enough to win this league, hands down.







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