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FC Porto is extremly happy with the way that they played Sunday home to Liverpool. The whole team pulled together to get the 1-0 victory, and is deffinetly proud of how they performed. Frey said it was "Picture perfect" and Inzaghi said it was "Incredible." When the two leaders of your team can say that you know you've had a succesful match. Lets hope for a similar result next week when FC Porto hosts Aston Villa, a team who just dropped their first game to a suprisingly strong Valencia squad.

Comments were very similar after FC Porto's possesion domination against Aston Villa Wednesday, Frey was asked to comment once again, and once again his responce was "Picture perfect." Obviously something must be going right for this Porto side because in both matches they haven't let any goals behind them into their own net. Can Porto do the same next week agaisnt that offensive Valencia side?








(1) FC Porto v.s Liverpool (0)

(1) FC Porto v.s Aston Villa (0)  

(-) FC Porto v.s Valencia (-)

(-) Boca Juniors v.s FC Porto (-)

(-) Lyon v.s FC Porto (-)                                                                                



Post Game Report

FC Porto v.s Liverpool

FC POOORTO ! FC Porto jump and stomp all over Liverpool Sunday with a remarkable defensive and offence effort. Fillipo Inzaghi scored in the 52 to give the squad a 1-0 win, then Sebastian Frey and the rest of the Porto defence went to work, finishing the game with a clean sheet. FC Porto was not expected to even chalenge this "stronger" Liverpool side, but as we saw, Porto did more than challenge, they dominated. Frey told a reporter, "It was like a dream, everything about the match. Picture perfect."

FC Porto v.s Aston Villa

FC Porto come out of Wednesdays match with their second consecutive win, and clean sheet. The back line of Juan, Henrique, Poulsen and Capdevila put on another great show, keeping the ball out of their net for the second time in their first two games. The goal was courtesy of Hamsik, off a great ball into Inzaghi from Poulsen, who then flicked it to a wide open hamsik, who obviously made no mistake. The final, 1-0 was once again not a reflection of the play, like last game FC Porto had over 60% of the possesion and worked extremly well as a team.







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