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Everton just squeaks out of an intense match with Lyon, with a goal from Afonso Alves in the 90 + 2. Lyon took control of the game right after Everton opened the scoring in the 11 minute from Rossi. Rossi, who was subed off in the 57, said later, "We can't give up after a goal, once were ahead we have to think that it's still 0-0, and continue to fight." They certainly did not fight at any point after the 11 minute, which will be just one of the things that they will have to change for next weeks fixture when they travel to Argentina to go up agaisnt a victorious Boca Juniors. 

MAGIC LUCK POTIONS!? Is that the key to Everton's first 4 points of the season, because it certainly hasn't been as a "team." Everton has played well individually and through some sort of lucky circustances they find themselves with a solid 4 points, however luck won't last forever, if they want to continue rising up the table they're going to have to figure out how to play well with each other. Monday they got lucky because of an extremly late own goal by Boca defender, John O'Shea, but next week don't expect the same thing. They must play Aston Villa back in England at Goodison Park.








(2) Everton v.s Lyon (2)

(1) Boca Juniors v.s Everton (2)

(-) Everton v.s Aston Villa (-)

(-) Real Madrid v.s Everton (-)

(-) Valencia v.s Everton (-)











Post Game Report:

Everton v.s Lyon

Everton is just able to come out of this one with a point. At 2-1 for Lyon in the 90th minute plus 2, substitute, Afonso Alves, hammers a header past Abbondanzieri off a perfectly placed corner. After the conclusion of the match, Afonso Alves stated, "We were lucky to get out of this one with a single point, next time we can't find ourseleves in the same situation, we must take control of the game early and not let it go."

Boca Juniors v.s Everton

The Everton boys must have some hidden lucky powder somewhere in all their bags, because once again they leave the game with more than what they deserved. Agaisnt Lyon they stole one point and today they stole three. Everton was outplayed for most of the game, and then that lucky powder came in at about the same time as last game and gave Everton the lead in stoppage time of the second half. Boca defender John O'Shea was trying to clear the ball in from the corner but it went the wrong way and ended up in his own net. How does the Everton squad feel about this? Well we asked the first goal scorer, Gisseppi Rossi, "Well, in football, things happen, some for the good and some for the bad, and lucky enough for us we've been feating upon the good."







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