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Boca had a great showing Sunday where they were home to a powerful Real Madrid side. Thanks to a solid defensive effort and a good offence when it was needed Boca come out of the match as the victors. After the match, we asked Giminez (Boca striker) how it felt to score his first goal in the big leagues. "It was just a sensational feeling, standing with all my mates was just an unreal feeling. And to be the one to score that goal to get us back in the match was unbelievable." Can Giminez help lead his team to a second victory next week, when they host Everton, or will he crack under the pressure?

Boca Juniors didn't have quite as much to cheer about after their match agaisnt Everton monday, when they fell 2-1 late in the game, thanks to an unfortunate own goal by defender, John O'Shea. Everything after the 19' minute seemed picture perfect for a confident Boca side, they played exceptional throwing shot at the Everton net left, right and center and dominating the possesion end of things as well. John O'Shea had only thtis to say after the match, "We played brilliantly, one mistake is all you need to ruin everything in this league and as many people saw today, it can happen at the worst of times." True words from a man who is deffinetly in a tight spot right now, and we wish him all the best with coping, and we also wish Boca the best next week when they get away from La Bombonera and head to Fance where they will play an experienced Lyon squad.










(2) Boca Juniors v.s Real Madrid (1)

(1) Boca Juniors v.s Everton (2)

(-) Lyon v.s Boca Juniors (-)

(-) Boca Juniors v.s FC Porto (-)

(-) Boca Juniors v.s Liverpool (-)









Post Game Report:

Boca Juniors v.s Real Madrd

Boca hosted a seemingly strong Real Madrid team, with a combination of offence and defence Sunday and in the end came out on top! Real Madrid had the early 1-0 lead which they held until the 57 minute when Boca striker, Gimenez, poped in his first career goal. Giminez just began played pro last year at Pachucca, and now in the big league he scores his first "real" goal. Later after a few poor manager decisions on Real Madrid's side involving substitutions, the rookie, only 17 years of age, Mario Balotelli scores. That turned out to be the game winning goal as Boca go on to take the match 2-1.

Boca Juniors v.s Everton

Boca Juniors suffer a devastating lose Monday when they were home at the La Bombonera agaisnt Everton. Everton may have jumped to that early lead but Boca Juniors seemed untouchable whenever they had the ball. Boca tied it up at ones with a goal curtesy of Darren Bent, from a great set up off the corner. That came in the 64' minute of play and looked like it gave Boca the boost they needed to get even more. Over the next twenty minutes, Boca pounded Everton keeper, Ochoa, with what seemed like thousands of shots, however to Boca's surprise Ochoa held strong. Then "it" happened, the moment that changed the whole face of the game. In the 90 minute plus stoppage, Boca substitute John O'Shea, was attempting to clear an air ball from a well taken cornerr kick, but unfortunetly for him, it travelled backwards past his own keeper, Enke and into the net. John O'Shea's own goal caused Boca the match, and gave Everton the three points. 











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