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Aston Villa played agaisnt Valencia in the season opener, at Villa Park and it proved to be a thrilling match, however if you asked any Aston Villa supporters, they would probably curse at you and walk away. Aston Villa had an early 3-0 lead but blew it, with a poor team effort, to lose 5-4. We talked to Aston Villa captain, Christian Pannuci, what his thoughts were on the game, "Obviously, you saw it, I saw it, the world saw it, we completly broke down in every aspect of the pitch, and we will need to find a way to fix it for next week."

"We did not find a way to fix it this week either, it was even worse than last week, I talked to my buddy Tevez, and me and him agree someone must lead this time and I believe that I can be that guy. As captain that is my responsibility and I intend to bring our team to the top of this league no matter what it takes." That was Christian Pannuci refreshing his comments of last game, and as you can see not much better. Can Pannuci help bring his team to the top?









(4) Aston Villa v.s Valencia (5)

(1) FC Porto v.s Aston Villa (0)

(-) Everton v.s Aston Villa (-)

(-) Liverpool v.s Aston Villa (-)

(-) Aston Villa v.s Real Madrid (-)




Post Game Report

Aston Villa v.s Valencia

Aston Villa looked like they were off to the season of their lives, throwing three goals in the back of Valencia's net within the first 25 minutes, however once that third one, when the ball came back to half for kick off, Aston Villa just stopped playing. Valencia came back in the rest of the 65 minutes and destroyed Villa in possesion and opportunities, with an end result of 5-4 for Valencia. Tevez seemed like the only player, with the exception of Pannuci, on Aston Villa who seemed to even care after that 25 minute. Certainly next week Aston Villa will look to play the whole game and not just the first quater of it.

FC Porto v.s Aston Villa

Aston Villa never really showed up for this one either, FC Porto just kept possesion of the football and Aston Villa got tired. Villa had no attack, but their defence was even worse, FC Porto had four four shots on target and scored one of them. At least the Villa offence was trying, they just couldn't beat the unbelievable Porto defenders. Carlos Tevez said after the match, "We couldn't get anything going offensivly or defensivly, I think we just need someone to step up and say I'm leader, and we're going to go to the top, it's just that we need some sort of positive structure, and us as individuals isn't working a all."







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